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HIGHBROW CAPITAL Logo Highbrow Capital

As the CEO and founder of Highbrow Capital, Neil has established a comprehensive financial services platform, partnering with over 75 lenders. His role involves creating engaging content, managing social media presence, and leveraging strategic communications to enhance brand awareness and customer engagement.

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Ecom Economics, LLC LogoEcom Economics, LLC

In his role as the CEO and founder of Ecom Economics, LLC, Neil offers services in product development, brand management, and e-commerce. Operating under the DBA Jedi Web Services, he has successfully launched notable brands like DigiXstream Shop, FOMOstream®, Tongen Touch, Leonard & Hazel, and Deftmark and managed digital marketing strategies to drive product success. Beyond brand creation, Neil and his company have also played a pivotal role in conceiving and orchestrating the development of various products offered in the market.

Hygienic Labs LogoHygienic Labs, LLC

Through Hygienic Labs, LLC, Neil has developed brands such as KleenSwell and TheraBrella, focusing on medical products and PPE supplies. His efforts include creating and managing digital marketing campaigns that ensure strong market presence. Hygienic Labs was created during the 2020 pandemic and has since remained dedicated to offering Medical Products, PPE Supplies for Healthcare, and Virus Protection. Moreover, it proudly serves as an Authorized Reseller of AMMEX® Gloves, located in Kent Washington, and is a leading manufacturer of disposable gloves.

JediNeil Logo

Digital Artwork by JediNeil

Neil is also a creator of captivating digital art, showcasing his graphic design skills honed during his education at Collins College. His digital art portfolio includes realism, fantasy, and abstract designs, available on various products through RedBubble. Immerse yourself in his digital masterpieces at Digital Artwork by JediNeil. Oh! – and BTW, Neil now offers some of his digital art prints on various products through RedBubble!

Other Notable Brands Created by Neil

* Neil currently owns the above-mentioned; and the following businesses and brands:

Other Notable Brands Created by Neil

Jedi Web Services Professional Online Advertising Oct 2009
Online Biz Dev Online Business Development Blog Jan 2010
Consciousness Revival A Consciousness Blog Jan 2013
Consciousness Minded Videos for Consciousness Expansion July 2014
Website Wealth Generator Online Income Streams July 2014
Stream Android Android TV Box Support Feb 2016
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